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Jan 16, 2024

Seamless EHR Integration

Seamless EHR Integration

Our New Years Resolution: Seamless EHR Integration

Students are arriving bursting with new year energy - don't let integrating systems dampen it. EHR integration should be a walk in the park, not a source of frustration.

So entering 2024, we at UniHealth are focused on taking the things you do every day and making them easier, more intuitive, and more delightful!


Across our conversations one question has surfaced again and again...


We are here to pledge streamlined integration in under a month - no matter your existing systems. Whether Point and Click, Titanium, MediCat, or other EMRs

Because in a complex world, we aim to simplify what you already do best. That means to take existing systems and make them effortlessly intuitive, freeing you to focus on your meaningful work.

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