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Jan 16, 2024

Push Notifications!

Push Notifications!

📣 Drive awareness, engagement, & action across campus

📣  Meeting  students where they are! In fact, today's feature - push notifications — was inspired by you!

📅 Earlier this year, we asked - what new feature would be most valuable to you?

Presenting your top request, Push Notifications: send important health center updates, event reminders, & critical wellness messages guaranteed to reach students in real-time.

🎆 Introducing Push Notifications... easy way to drive awareness, engagement, & action across campus - in the moments that matter.

Keep scrolling to learn how.

  1. Already using UniHealth? Login via the website.

  2. Type the message (include relevant links or resources).

  3. Filter students based on class, topic, clubs & more to target notifications.

  4. Hit send.

That’s it. The fastest way to engage students.

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