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Your Campus at a Glance: Navigating the Volta Home Page

The Volta home page serves as your mission control center, providing a real-time snapshot of your campus's health and offering quick access to essential tools. Let's delve into its key features and how they empower you to proactively manage student well-being.

Centralized Dashboard:

Dominating the home page is a comprehensive dashboard displaying real-time statistics on key health metrics. Imagine vital information like immunization rates, appointment bookings, and reported illnesses, all presented visually for easy comprehension. This allows you to identify areas that might require additional resources or targeted outreach campaigns.

Sidebar Navigation:

The sidebar acts as your command center, providing seamless access to various functionalities within the Volta platform. Here's a breakdown of some crucial sections:

  • UniHealth App Link: This link directs you to the companion UniHealth app, designed for students to manage their personal health information, schedule appointments, and access educational resources.

  • Blast Messages: This section empowers you to send targeted messages to student groups or the entire campus population. It's ideal for disseminating critical updates about public health concerns, upcoming vaccination drives, or campus-wide wellness initiatives.

  • Analytics: Dive deeper into the data with the analytics section. Here, you can explore historical trends, filter results by specific demographics, and generate reports to gain valuable insights into the overall health of your student body.

  • Settings: The settings section allows you to customize your Volta experience. You can manage user permissions, configure notification preferences, and tailor the platform to best suit the unique needs of your campus.

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Was this Article Helpful?

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